Inquisiq is an ideal training management system for small and medium-sized businesses in all industries, including training companies that want to sell courses online.

What is Inquisiq?

With over 15 years of online training experience and an ever-evolving platform, Inquisiq is the LMS of choice for millions of users around the world. With features like mobile compatibility, e-commerce, HRIS integration, personalized branding, powerful reporting, recurring enrollments, and automated email notifications, Inquisiq is ideal for solving any corporate training challenge. Inquisiq is available as an unlimited, user-installed, and hosted LMS or as a cloud-based SaaS solution.

“Asentia is a feature-rich LMS with a great support team at a competitive price”

Comments: One of our largest customers was looking to move from a large, established LMS that wasn’t meeting their needs to one that more closely aligned with their needs and budget. From the initial phone call through the implementation process, the Asentia team was helpful, transparent and truthful about what the system did or did not due, and provided creative suggestions for some of our customer’s unique business needs. The features that Asentia has rolled out over the last few years have been valuable additions that have saved our customers time and costs.

Pros: From implementation to on-going support, our customers rave about the LMS. After using several other LMS over the years, it was a great experience to finally work with one that delivers exactly what it says it does. The Asentia team continues to roll out new features and product improvements that save our customers significant time and further meet their needs. The migration from the previous LMS to Asentia was a smooth process and the Asentia team provided great support. One of the smoothest implementations I’ve seen. The ongoing service and support and the way Asentia incorporates customer feature requests into new builds is impressive.

Cons: Nothing. It’s met our expectations and new features are continually being added.

A reliable LMS with great features built by a compassionate team”

Comments: We love Inquisiq and we love ICS Learning Group!

Pros : Inquisiq has allowed us to implement our learning structure, and it has offered several different ways to do so. There seems to be many different ways to set up the system to meet our needs. The interface is user-friendly and very attractive. We especially like the mobile responsiveness in the latest version of the software! The support team is fast and helpful in addressing any questions or concerns that we have. When we ask for new features in the LMS, they actually listen to us and pass the requests up to management, and we have even seen some of the things we have asked for implemented in the software!

Cons: The LMS’s ability to cater to so many different scenarios and companies can sometimes be a drawback. The many different implementation paths that we could take to execute our goals can be intimidating. However, the support team is always extremely receptive to getting on the phone with us to discuss our options and help us form an implementation plan that works for us. The team’s subject matter experts’ deep understanding of the system helps us to narrow down options to help us set up our system in a way that best fits our needs.

“Inquisiq Software for Certificate Program”

Comments: It’s been up and down. Customer support used to be not extremely helpful with the support team and was seemed very pointed toward blaming the user. It seems to be improving with support that actually supports and helps fix the problem. Some of the required upgrades have had flaws that were released, like the password reset mentioned above, that should have been vetted more thoroughly before release.

Pros: I like that I can make any user a reporter over a very specific group of students and they can see the status of their particular group without asking for help.

Cons: I have lost student data in the past that was not backed up by ICS, and I could not back it up myself. A password reset that was mis-programmed wiped out half of many student profiles during approximately 6 months before we discovered it, following the software release in 2017. ICS knew about it and did not tell us, so we continued to lose data that could have been stopped by turning off the password reset. We lost addresses, phone numbers, graduate status, and history about these students.

“Exceptional LMS that keeps getting better”

Comments: Despite some limitations, I am very pleased with our decision to work with ICS and their Inquisiq product. I estimate that we had chosen one of the big three hosted LMS vendors; we would have spent an additional $ 15000 since March 2010. I am seeing constant improvements in the product and I am confident that which we consider shortcomings will be resolved in the near future. Since there is absolutely no risk with upfront costs and contract obligations, I recommend Inquisiq for small to medium sized LMS needs and possibly even for any large size LMS requirements.

Pros: Other hosted LMS services require many $ 1000’s, a commitment, and lengthy consulting before you are up and running. On the other hand, can be set up by you in a matter of hours for very little cost and no commitment. The top pros are:

– No risks !! No contracts!

– Ease of setup and management

– Full access to graphics web margins that do not compromise our corporate branding (the others forced their own controls in the top margin)

– Highly competent support staff that ALWAYS replies quickly! Usually in less than 2 hours

– Full SCORM 2004 support (I have not encountered any issues)

– Possibly the highest value for your dollar in this hosted LMS market

– Option to purchase the LMS for self-hosting

– No significant downtime

– Batch new learner uploading is a huge time saver. I wrote an app to automatically convert our CRM output directly into Inquisiq readable format. I can now process over 100 learners in less than 1 minute!

Cons: – Reporting is fair (new reporting options are coming though).

– Email notifications are extensive but still missing some specific requirements (ie notify learners of pending account expiry x days before expiry, no html notifications – plain text only)

– Uploading SCORM lessons could be streamlined a bit more. eg Allow for direct SCORM course updating

– Manuals and other Inquisiq related training is either out of date and / or poorly documented, however, most of the system is highly intuitive! Nice to have:

– Discussion groups tied to lessons

– Ability to change default customer facing icons

– Admin blog area

“Asentia is a pleasure to use. Easy implementation, intuitive, feature-rich, and cost-competitive.”

Comments: Asentia provided easy implementation and data migration, a full range of features, and ease of use for administrators and learners. The Asentia team has been highly responsive and helpful during and after the implementation process.

Points in favor: Asentia is extremely easy to implement and can be highly customized. Asentia has a robust feature sets that offer a very high degree of flexibility in how courses can be created, delivered, and tracked. The service and responsiveness during and after the implementation process has been first rate. The Asentia staff are responsive, customer-focused, and offer solutions and best practices whenever needed. Our learners have been very positive about the change to Asentia and the number of support calls and emails has decreased. Asentia is a great value. Moving to Asentia for one of our larger customers saved them a ton a year over their previous LMS and provided more features. Asentia was the only LMS we looked at that set us up with a fully functioning demo site and allowed us to do as much testing as we wanted. This allowed us to make sure Asentia did what it claimed. It did and then some.

Cons: A few times we thought of features that would be “nice to have” based on specific use cases. Most of these features have been released in updates over the past year while others are on the development road map.